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Get prepared for coastal sailing

Whether you’re a professional coastal racer or a coastal sailing enthusiast, the right gear is integral not only to your performance but also your safety on the water, so it’s vital to make sure you have everything ticked off your coastal sailing checklist before you head out. 

While coastal cruising is very enjoyable, the discipline does come with its own set of challenges. Thanks to the relatively shallow water, the seas can be rougher, with steep waves close together. Then, of course, there’s the spray factor, not to mention the weather conditions to contend with, so making the right coastal sailing gear choice is vital for a comfortable, safe passage.

Everything you need to go coastal sailing

 - UV protective clothing

 - Midlayer jackets for cold conditions

 - Spray protection: waterproof pants, jackets and salopettes

 - Sailing gloves

 - Sailing shoes

 - Sailing hats and beanies


Coastal Sailing Clothing

Whether you’re coastal sailing in warm climates or freezing conditions, UV protection, spray protection, breathability and quick-drying qualities are important factors when working through your coastal sailing checklist. Make sure you always keep weather and conditions top of mind when selecting your coastal sailing clothing and choose the right gear for the conditions.

UV protective clothing

Regardless of conditions, UV protective clothing is always a good idea when coastal sailing. Even on a cloudy day, the sun’s UV rays can be damaging, but with Zhik’s innovative range of clothing made with high UPF 50+ (ultraviolet protection factor) fabric, you can be confident you’ll be protected from the sun.

Zhik’s comfortable, form-fitting UVActive tops are all crafted from UPF 50+ fabric, which blocks out 98% of the sun’s harmful rays, delivering the wearer optimum UV protection. The slimline, and high-stretch qualities make these pieces ideal for layering, and the sleek designs are a stylish option for everyday wear, too. For cooler climates, the ZhikMotion™ tops add an extra layer of warmth and protection whilst maintaining comfort and maneuverability.

For leg protection, both our Deck Shorts and Elite Shorts offer UPF 50+ protection from the sun, not to mention lightweight, breathable, wind-resistant properties. Made with practical 4-way stretch fabric, both styles feature advanced XWR™ Fluorocarbon-free Water Repellency technology, while the Elite range features additional abrasion-resistant panels for extra durability. To get full-length leg protection with uninhibited movement, a pair of Deck Pants are the perfect fit.


Midlayer jackets and Baselayer warmth

Even in moderate to warm climates and favourable conditions, the importance of midlayer clothing can’t be overstated. The primary layer for generating heat, your midlayer clothing is responsible for providing insulation. Zhik’s midlayers have been designed to trap dry, insulating air around the body, while still being highly breathable for comfort during coastal sailing.

For warm-moderate climates, Zhik’s windproof 3L Softshell Jacket is an ideal pick, with its form-fitting design and durable, highly breathable fabrication. Another warm, comfortable, quick-dry option? Zhik’s lightweight, 100% recycled Full Zip Fleece jackets are a popular choice for sailors of all disciplines.

In cold-freezing conditions, you need midlayers with extra oomph, along with the option of adding a baselayer clothing item. Zhik’s Cell Insulated jackets use innovative fused cell construction to deliver top-of-the-line insulation with maximum breathability and fit comfortably under a coastal sailing jacket.

Adding baselayer clothing, such as the Superthermal Hydrobase or Core Baselayer pieces, can provide additional breathable insulation in freezing conditions. Both baselayer tops and pants feature temperature regulating and anti-odour tech, as well as fast-drying benefits.


Spray Protection - Waterproof jackets, smocks and salopettes

The shallower water of coastal sailing can bring with it a rougher ride, squalls and heavy spray, so it’s vital to stock up on gear to keep you dry and comfortable. This means waterproof coastal sailing jackets, smock tops and salopettes.

Zhik’s coastal sailing jackets provide an exceptional barrier between you and the elements. Designed and tested in the toughest conditions, our jackets repel water and wind, whilst their clever design expels any water vapour that collects in the jacket, ensuring you stay comfortable and dry out on the water. For spray and wind protection for your lower half, a salopettes is ideal to match with your jacket.

Zhik’s CST500 range is the perfect range for coastal sailing and includes men’s and women’s coastal sailing jackets to keep you dry and warm whilst allowing for freedom of movement on deck. Crafted from 3-layer Vecta fabric, for advanced waterproofing, they offer a robust buffer against the elements with minimal bulk. All highly waterproof, extremely durable, windproof and featuring ZiThane® Laminated Reinforcement Panels, these fully seam-sealed performance pieces provide the wearer protection and comfort on the water, whether short-haul sailing or coastal racing.


Coastal Sailing Gloves

You don’t want to be worrying about sore, chaffed, blistered hands when you’re out on the water, making gloves an essential part of your coastal sailing kit. Wet ropes can spell disaster for unprotected fingers, but a good pair of quality sailing gloves is all you need to ensure you have a comfortable journey.

The conditions in which you’re venturing out will have a lot to say about which gloves you choose for your coastal sailing adventures. For the sailing enthusiast and warm weather sailors, Zhik’s G1 series offers lightweight grip in full-fingered and half-fingered form for additional dexterity. Both styles are ergonomically designed, providing you all the comfort you need via carefully considered padding in key areas, along with palm reinforcement and Kevlar stitching for premium durability.

Zhik’s high-performance G2 series delivers all this and more, with offset panelling in key areas to eliminate pressure points at the seams, a strong abrasion-resistant outer face, and extended grip to accommodate varying rope diameters.

For winter sailing, you can’t go past Zhik’s Superwarm gloves. Featuring thermal insulated 3mm neoprene, fast-drying inner fleece and a reinforced high grip palm, these gloves are designed specifically to protect your hands in freezing temperatures.


Coastal Sailing Shoes

The importance of having the right footwear when you step onto the deck cannot be overstated. The type of vessel you sail and the conditions you expect to face will likely dictate the shoes you choose, but there are key things to look for in a coastal sailing shoe regardless of the specific journey. You want to ensure you have good grip on-deck, that you protect your feet from cold and wet conditions, and you want to prevent injury.

For an active shoe that looks as great on the street and on deck, the Zhik Fuze combines superior support along with a durable rubber sole for the strong grip you need on the water. The lightweight design allows for nimble movement, while the perforated upper panels and integrated one-way drainage system in the sole keep your feet dry and comfortable, making them the ideal sailing shoe for moderate conditions.

In colder, wetter conditions, the 100% waterproof ZK Seaboot 900 is perfectly suited with its strong, sturdy grip and ergonomic comfort. Zhik’s innovative design ensures top-notch breathability, quick drainage and reinforced support for comfort and safety, and its high-grip rubber sole won’t mark your boat.


Hats and Beanies

To top off your coastal sailing wardrobe, Zhik has your head covered – literally! With a range of hats in different styles, built for land and water, you can protect your head from the elements while repping Zhik on the deck and the street.

Out on the water in warm-moderate conditions, Zhik’s Water Cap is a popular pick. Made from highly breathable, fast-drying UPF50+ fabric, it features ergonomic stretch panelling and ventilation panels for ultimate comfort.

The Sports Cap is another popular choice, featuring a 5-panel construction designed to be worn on and off the water. With inbuilt stretch and adjustable sizing, an anti-glare brim for increased visibility on the water, and a removable hat clip so you don’t lose it overboard, this is headgear at its best.

For all-round sun protection with Zhik’s usual innovative design features, choose the Broad Brim Hat, and for colder weather, the Thinsulate Beanie provides thin, light, cosy comfort while keeping your head warm and protected. For freezing conditions, turn to the Superwarm® Headband, with superstretch neoprene and a quick-drying Hydrobase inner lining.