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Women's Hiking Aids, Pants and Shorts

Hike harder for longer with our range of innovative hiking aids. For Dinghy sailors there is the world’s first, ultra-low profile carbon fibre hiking pad, the Zhik Powerpads®, which are worn under a Zhik wetsuit and provide unrestrictive movement. For dinghy sailors looking to gain some added warmth the full-length Microfleece™ Hikers combine the padding and support with the well-known and trusted Microfleece™ fabric. The Deckbeater™ shorts and pants are great for keel boats with the padded rear panels providing comfort from long days sitting and hiking on the hard deck.


- Microfleece Hiker™ - Versatile for all conditions, the Microfleece™ Hiker redefines the traditional hiking wetsuit for the highest levels of maneuverability and comfort whilst hiking. With 1mm thermal neoprene for warmth, removable EVA foam padding for comfort, Zhiktex™ II superior abrasion-resistant panels for durability and adjustable shoulder straps these hiker are a great all-rounder.

- Powerpads® – Crafted in partnership with carbon fibre experts Carbitex®, this world-first, ultra-low profile carbon fibre hiking pad provides lightweight support to aid hiking performance. Stiff in one direction, highly flexible in the other. The composite pad's unique structure provides both flexibility and support in each load direction, aiding performance with a comfortable and versatile fit.

- Deckbeater® pants and shorts – Perfect for all seated water craft, the padded and ergonomically contoured seat panel takes the edge off any hard surface. The 12mm perforations strategically placed throughout the neoprene allow for super-fast drainage and huge amounts of air permeability whilst also creating a comfortable base for those long sessions out on the water. Deckbeaters® are durable, breathable, compact and lightweight and can be worn on their own or underneath your gear.