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We’re proud to launch a new recycling pilot program called reZHIKle. Whilst our focus is innovating more eco friendly garments, what happens to them at the end of life is equally as important. Zhik’s high quality wetsuits are made to perform and last the distance. However, when wetsuits do reach the end of their life and need replacing, they can be recycled through our reZHIKle pilot program and given a second life instead of being sent to landfill.

Working with UPPAREL, leaders in textile recovery and garment recycling, SailGP Christchurch will act as the pilot program for reZHIKle, where people can drop off any brand of used wetsuits or skiff suits to be recycled or repurposed and used again.

We aim to give all sailors the opportunity to recycle their old wetsuits and are are actively seeking global event partners, dealers and organisations to host our reZHIKle points.

"We’re really excited to announce that our technical partner, Zhik is launching a new initiative called, ‘reZHIKle.’ Our old wetsuits will get to live another life, ultimately reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill." 

Blair Tuke New Zealand SailGP Team Co-CEO and wing trimmer


All attending the ITM New Zealand SailGP event in Christchurch on 18-19 March are encouraged to dig through their kit bags and bring any old wetsuits to the Zhik booth for recycling. There will be two reZHIKle booths located in the Race Village at Naval Point, or at the SailGP Live Site situated opposite Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre in the city centre. Each person who drops off a wetsuit and registers as part of the reZHIKle program will receive a voucher towards their next Zhik wetsuit purchase.

*Terms and conditions apply

Zhik’s growing range of environmentally kinder technical garments will be showcased along with the brand new Elite Polo shirts made with an e.dye® Waterless Color System™ that reduces the use of harmful chemicals by 90% and uses 80% less water during the manufacturing process.

To find out more about the SailGP event visit the SailGP website.



How exactly do you keep my items out of landfill and give them a second life?

Zhik is working with UPPAREL, Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted and rewarded textile recovery and recycling organisation. UPPAREL gives textiles a new life, provides quality clothes to Australian charities and drives innovative product development. The company philosophy is reuse where possible, then upcycle when necessary to ensure that minimal resources are being used to achieve our goals of circularity.



Wetsuits will be collected at the reZHIKle booths and then sent to UPPAREL for processing.



The garments will make their way to UPPAREL where the items are sorted to decide if they can be reused, repurposed or recycled



If the wetsuits are in suitable condition, they will be donated through partner charities for someone else to love or sent to an upcycling partner to turn them into something new.



If the wetsuits are damaged, they will be processed and shredded to create gym flooring, outdoor playground equipment flooring and rubber protective mats.

To find out more visit -


This is a pilot program which will be run at the Christchurch SailGP event in New Zealand in March 2023. You will be able to donate your wetsuits for recycling by dropping them off at the official Zhik stands at the the two SailGP event spaces. No wetsuits will be accepted at any other locations at this time. Once this pilot program has been undertaken Zhik will look to implement on a wider scale.

The reZHIKle program will accept any wetsuit or sailing skiff suit from any brands.

No the reZHIKle program will accept any brand of wetsuit or sailing skiff suit.

It will not cost you anything to recycle your old wetsuit!

  • Your wetsuits will be packaged up and sent to UPPAREL Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted and rewarded textile recovery and recycling organisation who will process the items. To find out more visit
  • Once the wetsuit is dropped off, they then get sent to our recycling partner UPPAREL who process the items, determining if they can be repurposed or need to be recycled and turned in new products like exercise mat, playground flooring and much more. To find out more visit 
  • The unique discount can be redeemed via OR through the below Zhik dealers in New Zealand
     - NZ Sailing – Auckland
     - Sailors Supplies – Auckland
     - Harken Fosters – Auckland
     - Oborns Nautical - Christchurch
     - Barton Marine – Wellington
     - Sail One – Auckland