Spain shines at the Zhik 29er 2021 World Championship following six days of competition in which in 193 sailors from 24 countries competed. Spain achieved an amazing result with two gold medals, one silver and one bronze.

The final day of racing was full of emotion due to the close scores which separated the top sailors and final placings coming down to the last few races. Simón and Mateo Codoñer (RCN Valencia) have proven themselves in the 2021 Zhik 29er World Championship claiming not only the U17 category but also taking the overall win for the regatta. The Codoñer brothers, who are currently Spanish National Champions, put up a strong performance on the final day sailing cleanly to have two top five finished and keep them in the top spot on 53 points.

Second place went to Urios and Benetti who finish the regatta on 61 points. Third place was secured by the Danish duo of Jens-Christian and Jens-Philip Dehn-Toftehoj, with 65 points.

As for the female division, the French team of Chloé Revil and Nell Castilla claimed first, followed by the Danish team of Rebekka Johannesen and Slije Cerup-Simonsen, while third was claimed Paula and Isabel Laiseca.

In the U17 category, the World Champion Codoñer brothers were joined by the French Hugo Revil and Karl Devaux in second and Germans sailors Carl Krause and Max Georgi in third. In the Female U17 division Spain was top of the podium with Martina Lodos and Martina Díaz-Salguero. Second and third place went to French Caroline Pennetier and Fleur Babin and Slovenian Alja Petric and Katja Filipic respectively.

Spain, as a country, was awarded the Nations Cup title, which recognizes the global results of all national representatives who have participated in the World Championship.

Following the celebrations Mateo and Simón Codoñer commented:

“We have made many friends and we will see if in the future we will meet again. As we have won at home, they have made a great celebration and it could not be more welcoming. We are very lucky to be brothers, and in the end we support each other a lot, in good times, in bad times, and in sport sailing the 29er. Being brothers, we get along much better, everything we decide, we both think the same, and it helps us a lot because since we are from the same family, our parents support us a lot and I think it is the best thing we have done.”

“Our father fished when he was little and he always liked the sea and he told us one day to sail. When we were 7 years old and we liked it so much that now we are here. We did not know what a rudder was and now we are world champions!”


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