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A top-quality smock is a key part of any sailor’s kit to keep the water out during rough days in wet and wild weather. The sailing smock is a versatile garment which takes away the traditional full-front zip and incorporates increased neck and wrist seals to combat against water flushes. Selected Zhik sailing smocks also incorporate a detachable hood to adapt to varying conditions. These yachting smocks cover conditions from coastal and inshore racing to offshore adventures. The INS300™ smock for coastal and inshore sailing provides 2X waterproof protection with great breathability and streamlined features for active racing. The OFS900™ smock provides 4X waterproof protection for the ultimate choice in offshore and ocean yachting gear.



The INS300™ smock featuring Aroshell Fabric Technology has been optimised for extreme levels of breathability and manoeuvrability. Designed for professionals and racers, this sailing smocks lightweight shell provides full wet weather protection using the most breathable fabric on the market. The smock features Zhik®’s Biomotion reflective detailing which highlights key points of the human anatomy for additional visibility. Adjustable neck and wrist seals featuring our ReziSeal® composite fabric to provide an improved watertight seal, improved comfort, ease of adjustability and wide aperture openings for enhanced ventilation. The smock also features a Zhik Adaptive™ attachment point to allow Zhik® hoods and other collar accessories to be attached. *Adaptive Hoods sold separately.

The CST500™ Smoc is part of the innovative coastal range purpose built to provide lightweight protection, comfort and performance in a wide range of conditions. This jacket is equally as comfortable in short-haul and overnight crossings, as it is in high performance sports boat racing.

The OFS900™ smock featuring Isotak® X Rabric Technology represents the pinnacle of protection required by professional ocean racers. The multi-layer membrane creates a fabric with unrivalled levels of waterproof durability. Very high breathability and numerous proprietary features incorporated in this sailing smock provide the very best in extreme weather protection and top-level performance.

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