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Technical Tops

Men's Waterproof Sailing Shirts

Synonymous with performance, quality, and comfort Zhik has an extensive range of sailing tops to handle every condition out on the water. With technological innovation at its core, Zhik has developed unique materials for increased performance without sacrificing comfort or flexibility whilst minimizing environmental impacts.

The sailing top range can be categorised into three main areas:
- Cold conditions - Superwarm® V and Superwarm® X tops keeping you super warm in the coldest conditions.
- Moderate conditions - Microfleece™ X, Microfleece™ V, Hydrophobic Fleece and ZSkin tops to wear day in and day out for high activity water sports.
- Hot conditions - XWR Pro and Spandex tops for those hot days when you need to stay protected and cool.


Cold conditions

- Superwarm® V and Superwarm® X tops feature our latest material and wetsuit technology to produce our most durable, flexible and warmest top. Designed to keep you super warm in the coldest conditions, making it an essential top for performing at your peak when the temperatures are at their lowest.

Moderate conditions

- Microfleece™ X and Microfleece™ V tops combine innovative materials and technology to achieve the ultimate in comfort and flexibility for all weather versatility. Designed and developed to be great all-round wetsuit tops to wear day in and day out.

- Hydrophobic fleece tops will keep you warm with the plush spandex fleece top that has excellent water repellency. One of Zhik’s most popular technical tops and the first choice in water repellent fleece.

- ZSkin tops are designed for high-activity water sports. The ultra-thin smooth skin neoprene and XWR™ 4-way stretch water repellent fabric allows for optimal temperature regulation, wind chill reduction and sun protection during periods of high and low activity. The 3D body mapped pattern and high stretch XWR™ arm paneling provides freedom of movement and the versatility required to perform a variety of water sports.

Hot conditions

- XWR Pro top - Designed with a high stretch, breathable and super lightweight woven fabric that simply bounces water off it. This protective layer helps shield against wind and water chill, while keeping the skin dry. With UPF 50+ sun protection these comfortable and soft tech tops are great for high performance activities.

- Eco Spandex long and short sleeve tops - Feel the freedom in the Eco flex Spandex range. Unrestricted movement and incredibly lightweight coverage combined with 3D body paneling means the garment becomes one with your body as you move. Made from Recycled Repreve® nylon, the high gauge knit has an elongation of over 200%, yet always returns to its original shape.

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