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Offshore Sailing

Offshore Sailing Jackets, Smocks, Boots and Accessories

Extreme offshore conditions and racing on the edge call for gear tested to the highest standards. The extensive Zhik range of offshore sailing gear will have you ready for anything mother nature can throw at you.

The Zhik range of offshore sailing clothing covers all areas with extensive real life and lab testing to ensure Zhik gear is fit for the job. Our range of men & womens gear covers baselayer thermals, UV protective tops and shorts, midlayer sailing clothing for insulation, outer wear (jackets, smocks, salopettes and seaboots) for the utmost protection from the elements and sailing footwear.


Baselayers - Baselayer clothing are required to wick moisture away from the skin. During times of intense activity, the body sweats to effectively manage temperature. Once this activity ends there is a danger for clothing to be damp. As moist skin loses temperature far quicker than dry skin, it is important to have an efficient base layer to transport moisture away from the skin and towards the outer shell.

UV Protective clothing - Stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays whilst keeping cool and dry through vigorous situations. Our range of Zhikdry™ tops provide stylish, moisture wicking and quick drying sun protection whilst out on the water. The extensive range of UV Active tops offer unrivalled protection from the sun with best-in-class UPF 50+ UVActive™ fabric. The XWR tops take it one step further with water repellency that simply bounces water off it.

Midlayer insulation – The midlayer is the primary layer for generating heat in cold conditions. Zhik mid-layers are optimised to trap dry, insulating air around the body whilst being highly breathable to expel water vapour transferred from the base layer.

Outer layer protection - Outer layers or shells are the main barrier between you and the elements. They block external water and wind whilst providing maximum breathability to expel water vapour from inside the garment. Zhik waterproof shells for men and women are purposefully designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the harsh marine environment.

Sailing footwear - Designed for serious offshore and ocean racing, the ZK Seaboot 900 is a 100% waterproof seaboot made from a combination of rubber and insulating neoprene. Delivering amazing support, comfort and performance while remaining agile and responsive to the feel of the boat.