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We are Zhik — the performance-driven water sports brand that is Made for Water.

We make innovative sailing gear that pushes technological boundaries and propels the industry forward. We work with world class athletes and sailing enthusiasts, to capture generations of sailing knowledge within our ranks. Zhik is energetic, innovative and constantly pushing the boundaries. We aren’t just focused on the history behind us, but on making history now. For this reason, Zhik gear is the choice of Olympic and world champions around the globe.

Zhik is Made for Water

At the core of all our products and actions is one key value: Made for Water.

The water is at the centre of what we do. Our passion for the water drives us to push the boundaries of technology, design and performance in water sports apparel. We challenge the status quo, identify problems, and find breakthrough solutions to continually set the benchmark.

Our Core Principles

At Zhik, we have strong principles that guide us through everything we do. These continuously push us forward and propel us to do more and be better. These are the five pillars our products and business is built on:

    1) Performance

    2) Product Innovation

    3) Sustainability

    4) Research & Development

    5) Athlete Partnership

These five pillars are built off the back of Made for Water and are the principles we keep in mind at all stages of product development. By working in a way that is informed by these principles, we believe that we can continue to develop the best products for our customers.

1. Performance

At Zhik, we strive relentlessly to improve the performance of our products and help athletes push their limits. We only create products that are best-in-class quality, fairly priced and fit for purpose.

When we talk about performance, we really mean two types of performance: the quality and durability of our products, and the ability of our products to help their users achieve their best possible results. It is our intention to create lasting products that never get in the way of an athlete achieving their best, but instead, allow them to improve their results.

2. Product Innovation

Zhik was born out of necessity for innovation in the water sports industry. From Sydney garage to Olympic supplier former tech founder turned sailing enthusiast Brian Conolly founded Zhik in a Sydney garage in 2003 after being disappointed by the poor fit and function of the gear on the market. Brian sought to reinvigorate the market for dinghy sailing gear and create new performance-focused products to help revolutionise the sport.

Later, having built a strong reputation as an industry leader in dinghy classes, Zhik then set its focus on creating new innovative gear for other water sports, including offshore and inshore yachting. Success followed innovation, as teams and individuals, including 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race winners Dongfeng Race Team sporting innovative Zhik gear, began leading their classes and disciplines.

Our endless pursuit of performance and problem-solving through new product innovation continues today. We refuse to accept the norm or be held back by what has been done before. Our catalogue of new technical products continues to grow and is now designed for a larger set of outdoor and marine applications than ever before.

Our signature products, like CST500™, the ECO Wetsuit™, ZhikGrip2TM, Trapeze Harnesses and OFS800™ are considered ground-breaking within their respective fields. Our commitment to product innovation has earned us our exceptional reputation and will continue to guide us into the future.

3. Sustainability

Our commitment to protecting the environment stems from our core business value: Made for Water. Care for the environment is woven into the very fabric of our business, so it is our responsibility to respect and protect it wherever possible.

We support and are committed to sustainable initiatives that push the water sports industry to reduce its impact on the environment. We aim to pioneer new materials, processes, and initiatives that are better for our planet and the people who use our products. We are also earnestly committed to reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing, distributing and use of our products.

To learn more about Zhik’s commitments to environmental sustainability, check out our Sustainability page to see what steps we are taking to reduce our impact.

4. Research & Development

At Zhik, we believe that better athletic performance starts with improved material and product design. We have our own in-house Design Team to research, trial and develop technologies to push the cutting edge in high-performance gear.

Through extensive scientific projects, we have developed our own game-changing trademarked products that push the sailing industry forward. Our R&D team has helped produce revolutionary offshore, coastal and dinghy gear including — gear that has helped teams win championships, break records, complete incredible challenges, and achieve dreams.

As well as developing our own proprietary materials, we also work hand-in-hand with pioneering laboratories to co-develop new technologies. We believe in putting all new technologies through rigorous testing, so you can rest assured that all Zhik gear has been developed with performance and durability in mind.

5. Athlete Partnerships

We are committed to continually improving the performance of the water sports industry. We recognise our obligation to foster the next generation of sailors and elite athletes. Through the Zhik Team program, we sponsor and work with a wide array of talented individuals and teams. We take on their feedback to develop better products and help them reach their next level of achievement.

Some of the teams we have worked with over the last few years include: the Australian Olympic Team 2021; the Australian Sailing Team; the Danish Sailing Team; the Singapore Sailing Team; the New Zealand Sailing Team; AkzoNobel Ocean Racing for The Ocean Race Europe 2021; Alex Thomson Racing; Canada and New Zealand SailGP Teams and both Team AkzoNobel and Dongfeng Race Teams, in the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18.